Health lifeFiber is one of the essential nutrients to keep the body slim. The benefits also vary such as decreased appetite, stabilize blood sugar levels, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Generally, people only know that fiber can only be obtained from vegetables and fruits only. But the fact is not, fiber can be found in various types of foods with high amounts. That’s why it is a good idea to learn about some other alternative than vegetable and fruit when we want to consume more fiber.

Top Foods With High Fiber For Your Healthy Diet

Sunflower seed is one of the foods that you can take into account when you want to add fiber to your everyday diet. This food is highly rich in fiber. It contains many nutrients such as vitamin B complex, vitamin B6, and vitamin E. Moreover, it also has the content of fatty acids and very high fiber. Passion fruit is another food that you can take into account. As a typical tropical and sub-tropical fruit that comes from the Americas, passion fruit is known as one of the fruit with very high fiber content, especially from the seeds and flesh of the fruit. The content of fiber in passion fruit can make you full longer without having to eat excess carbohydrates.

Then, we also have beans which have so much fiber. The king of beans that contain the most fiber is almonds. Nuts that grow with this shell you can also input as a compliment your salad. Almonds also contain vitamin B complex, vitamin E, and omega-3 which are good for the brain. Then, there is also dark chocolate which has high fiber. You may ever see this food to be considered as a good choice for diet. Well, it must be true because this food is high in fiber.

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