In modern times, almost everyone has a smartphone, especially Android smartphones, because the price is cheap, many options, and of course features that are not less interesting than the other mobile phone brands. Utilizing Android smartphone well and wisely to make time more fun, easier, and more organized. here are 5 of the latest and greatest Android apps in early 2018, these apps will make your life easier and more fun.

Apps That Will Be Hot In 2018

Here are the Android smartphone apps that will be favorites in 2018:

  1. YouTube Go!

Many people visit YouTube site to watch their favorite videos. But for the owner of an old model phone, sometimes the YouTube app is too heavy for everyday use. Put it on YouTube Go! In addition to more efficient RAM and storage, also more efficient quota.

  1. Parallel Space App

If you have two WhatsApp numbers but do not want to bother to carry two mobile phones, Parallel Space really fit to overcome this problem. With this Android app, you can have two apps for different accounts on one smartphone only! Very easy and very useful, right?

  1. Money Lover

You are confused because every paycheck always ends with a zero balance? You can record all the expenses with the Money Lover app so that every month you can save by reducing the biggest expense item. Better to save, right?

  1. Pocket

When you find a good article but didn’t have time to read because you must immediately enter the office? Use Pocket app! Available on Android and Chrome smartphones, you can browse on PC and read on your mobile later.

  1. Puzzle Alarm

For those of you who often wake up late. Try the Alarm Clock Puzzle that makes alarming so a challenging activity that must have woken you from a deep sleep. To turn it off, you need to play the puzzle first!

That’s Apps that will be hot in 2018. You can find out about other interesting apps by visiting

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