diesel car newsAs most people imagine about diesel car news which is an ancient car and does not have the power of a sophisticated machine, other than that most people call it a junk car because in addition to the engine specifications that are less good also looks less modern so many people who have the assumption that the car with diesel engines less effective and even less modern. But drier advanced with sophisticated technology, diesel engines on the vehicle has been turned into a machine that has excellent specifications and has a prohibitive price. Here is some information about the car with the most advanced diesel engine.

Excess Isuzu Panther As The Most Advanced Diesel Car News

Talking about diesel car news will not be missed to discuss a very sophisticated and terrific diesel-engine car, i.e. Isuzu Panther. Isuzu panther that is Japanese origin product has the advantage of relying on panther for MPV class with seven passengers. In Indonesia, itself Isuzu panther this car has existed since 20 years ago, so it is no doubt the greatness and empowerment of this vehicle.

Isuzu Panther which is a diesel car news using diesel engines that are notoriously tough and not quickly damaged, this becomes one of the plus value for this car so that its existence long still exists and still exist in the automotive industry world. Also, issue Isuzu panther is one of the vehicles that have a high consistency of diesel engines, so it needs a thumbs up. In addition to having a massive torque, the car with a diesel engine only needs diesel that costs much cheaper when compared with gasoline used for other car engines. Then the other advantages of this issue panther issue are to have a comfortable and spacious cabin and large luggage to be one of the benefits. This car uses 4JA1L diesel engine with turbocharger and using direct injection diesel injection system.

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