It is very important to eat fruits. However, do you know how much calories in fruits? You should not too worry about the calories in fruits since fruits are healthy for your body. Many people say that but if you really care about the counting of calories for your daily needs; you will need this information very much. Well, maybe it is not about the whole fruits in the world but you will find the common fruits you eat every day.

Note This List Of Fruits With Specific Calories!

There are several fruits here with the list of calories details. If you love to eat fruits; you will know more about your favorite foods here. See the list of fruits and calories detail per 100 gram of fruits as follow:

  1. You will get 60 calories per 100 g of this fruits.
  2. It is about 69 calories.
  3. It is about 47 calories.
  4. Red apple. It is about 48 calories.
  5. It is about 160 calories.
  6. It is about 89 calories.
  7. It is about 61 calories.
  8. Green apple. It is about 52 calories.
  9. It is about 48 calories.
  10. It is about 58 calories.
  11. It is about 32 calories.
  12. It is about 29 calories.
  13. It is about 43 calories.
  14. It is about 63 calories.

Well, those are several lists of fruits you should know to count your daily calories. Ok, you know fruits are not having high calories. So, you should not worry to eat them too much. They will never make you fat. Then, which are your favorite fruits? You can tell your friends to share their fruits if they do not like fruits in their fridge now. Ok, if you need more list of fruits; you can find out in other sources now.

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