This day, you will see many internet browser options which you can take one to help you surfing on the internet in the best way. Well, if we are talking about the internet browser, have you heard about Bonzi Buddy? Perhaps you haven’t heard yet about it before, but do you know? It is one of the best internet browser options which can help you to surf the internet in more fun and easier way.

You May Know About It First

Well, if you want to use certain internet browser you need to ensure that you should make sure the internet browser you want to use is safe for you. As if you want to use the Bonzi Buddy for your internet browser, make sure it is safe to use for you. It will be so much better if you know about the history of it.

Unfortunately, this browser had a bad reputation in the past. Even though this browser has many features which can help you to browse in an advanced way, many people disagree to use it again. Why? It is because it is known as the malware or spyware which spying our PC and access our private document from the history from its browser. It means this browser is not a high protection to our document and so many people stop using this browser.

It was launched in 1999 and it did exist until 2004. There is too much scandal on this browser, so it totally disappears around 2008. Thus, many people don’t hear about it because it has gone after 10 years. If you are interested in and want to know further about this Bonzi Buddy, you can find it on the internet and you will find much information there and you can read for free.

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