People who have excessive weight, of course, want to diet. A regular diet can reduce weight, even there is a strict diet which can lose weight drastically with only takes 7 days, but it is very tiring and torturous. Besides, there is also a healthy diet recipe that is not too torture us while on a diet. A very strict diet can dramatically reduce the body, but it can negatively affect the health and performance of your metabolism.

Some Tips To Implement Healthy Diet :

  1. Always Breakfast

Breakfast in the morning is very important to supply the energy for your daily activities. If you skip breakfast, then maybe you can easily get tired, lack of concentration, and of course starving. Breakfast also avoids you from consuming unhealthy snacks. Breakfast that meant here is not fried food with many oil or high-fat foods. Good breakfast is with eating bread with an omelet (squeeze the oil first) also a bowl of salad. Eat rice is okay, which is about 100 grams of rice with protein side dishes such as fish and a bowl of vegetables.

  1. Increase Consuming Mineral Water

Drink water at least 8 glasses each day. Besides to helping to satiate us after a meal, water can facilitate the performance of metabolism in the body.

  1. Eat More Often With Less Portion

Better to eat more often, than eat in a large portion. You can eat 5 times a day with a small portion. The proportion of eating like this is better than eating 3 times a day with a large portion. Do not forget to eat foods which high in protein and low in fat for this healthy diet recipe.

Remember, diet is a process to shrink the body, not to bring disease. So to run a healthy diet recipe must be balanced with the right portion of food, reduce little by little.

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