Here is an idea for all online shops that are currently struggling with the issues of delivering goods to customers: establish a partnership with a warehousing company. As a small business, you might find it overwhelming to own (or at least to rent) a warehouse because that would mean you need to set aside a significant budget for maintenance and workforce—a budget that could otherwise be used to maximize production output. By working alongside another party, you can immensely reduce costs as the warehouse doesn’t belong to you; you only rent a space in there, with inexpensive fees.

What Exactly Can You Expect?

This pick n pack service is utterly convenient and should have been more popular with small businesses. You basically request them to pick up your products from the manufacturing site. The company would then bring all of the items to their warehouse and store them in the shelves or racks. Once you receive an order from a customer, you can ask the warehouse to pack specific items and have it delivered to an address your customer specifies. The entire process could be fully computerized for convenient workflow and efficiency. This is also a more cost-effective method as you would not have to deal with extra expenses either.

You can arrange a pickup area in a way that helps the warehouse workers can easily find and load the items onto their vehicles for delivery to the warehouse. It must be easily accessible with little to no obstructions getting on the way. If the products require the warehouse worker to use containers before loading, you need to make sure that all of the supplies are accessible conveniently to help expedite the loading process. Try to arrange the products by their size or fragility levels as this will help the crew to prioritize items to load to the truck.

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