how to get rid of callusesHello! Do you have a thickened or hard area on the sole of your feet? If yes, it is called callosity or widely known as callus. Well, actually calluses can occur not only on your feet but also the palm of your hands, even on the violinist’s chin. Calluses can develop on your skin because of the pressure, repeated friction, walking barefoot, wearing no socks, wearing too tight or too high-heeled shoes, and even socks that don’t fit well. If you have a callus wherever it appears, below is the steps how to get rid of calluses with the onions.

How To Get Rid Of Calluses Using The Garlic

The onions are easy can be found in your kitchen and featured in almost spicy and tasteful foods. In fact, they also work as a home remedy for calluses. Garlic contains rich antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which work best as the infections prevented. Therefore, these are the steps how to get rid of calluses with the onions:

  • Other ingredients you need:
  • Lemon juice
  • White vinegar
  • Salt
  • Directions:
  • Slice a thick onion and sprinkle it with a few drops of lemon juice and a small amount of salt.
  • Put a slice of onion on your callus area and use a tape to secure it.
  • Leave it overnight for the maximum result.
  • Rinse it the next morning directly after you wake up.
  • Repeat the steps above every day if you want the best result.
  • You can also soak a piece of onion in white vinegar for approximately three hours.
  • Place the garlic on your callus and leave it in a night.
  • Wrap it with a bandage or a tape to avoid the bacteria and also to secure it.

To prevent calluses, you can take action by wearing appropriate footwear and keep your feet clean. Hope the steps how to get rid of calluses above help you out. Thank you.

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