Home Interior DesignWhere else the good foods come from beside the kitchen? Personally, the kitchen is my favorite spot in the house beside my bedroom. Why? It’s simple because kitchen provides all the snacks, fruits, instant noodles, healthy drinks, and other delicious stomach supplies. One of the common issues that the kitchen has is the lighting. Is your kitchen lack lighting? Is it dark? Well, a smart kitchen interior design will help you brighten your kitchen which is going to give you more spirit to cook. Find the ideas below.

Give Your Kitchen the Best Interior Design Light

Brighter lighting will make a spot looks wider and bigger, that goes the same with your kitchen. That is why you need to put a little more effort in your kitchen interior design. Your kitchen looks more appealing and bigger with a perfect light. Don’t worry though, all you need is to try these genius lighting ideas for your kitchen:

  • Put a mirror on your kitchen wall or you can put a mirrored backsplash so the light will reflect.
  • Remove the old light fixture.
  • Put striped LED lights under the cabinets and shelves in order to illuminate the counter space.
  • Remove the incandescent light bulbs with the newest energy-efficient type.
  • Or you can choose the pendant lights which is able to be clipped to existing lighting track to layer your kitchen’s lighting.
  • Paint your kitchen’s wall with a fresh color such as white, pastels, yellow, light blue, light green, and any other bright shade.
  • Use the lighting under the cabinet to brighten the working spot and to give your cabinet’s accent.

A great lighting will make your spot looks bigger. That is the secret. Besides, you can find the kitchen tools and cook your meals easier under the best lighting. Moreover, your kitchen selfie will look bomb with the right kitchen interior design. Let’s decorate your kitchen now!

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