Apple tv vs rokuSince Smartphone comes then everything will be so easy, especially for those of you who are busy. This Smartphone can be multifunction as the help when you are working and also can be a device that will give you many times to entertain yourself. You can listen to music, enjoy watching the video, and also enjoy some books. Well, have you ever heard about audiobooks though? This one lately attracts people’s attention. What is exactly audiobook? Well it is a book which is in a form of audio, so anytime you want to enjoy it you will not read the writing but you will listen to the audio. If you are using iPhone, then here is how to access audiobooks on iPhone

How To Access Audiobooks On IPhone And Enjoy It?

Of course, this will be something special right? For those of you who are lazy to stuck in the book by reading it, you can find the solution buy having this audiobook. Then you also can enjoy this audiobook while you do some activity like traveling. This one can be an alternative way to make yourself get entertained in an easy way. What are you waiting for? You can enjoy the app now on your iPhone, and if you don’t know how to use it, there will be given a clear explanation on how to access audiobooks on iPhone.

Well, first of all, you need to go to the home screen and after that select the iBook app. Open it and look for the audiobooks at the top of the screen and click it. Then you can start choosing which book you want to enjoy. Before you enjoy the book you can download the audiobook in iTunes and after that, that audio will be automatically collected in iBook. Choose and start to listen and you are enjoying the book now. Well if you still confused about that, you can look for this furthermore information here in this link how to access audiobooks on iPhone.

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