In many countries, clean water supplies are always available. However, wherever the supply of clean water can be polluted by natural disasters, damage to plumbing, or other problems. Contaminated water may be a parasite gathering place and consuming it can cause cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, hepatitis, or many other diseases. The source of contaminated drinking water is one of the causes of 1.7 billion cases of diarrhea in each year. What can be done to avoid the threat of illness from drinking contaminated water? Try to follow the following ways you can apply every day. This activity will give many benefits to your health.

Using Clean Water For Everyday Activities

Make sure the water used for drinking, making ice cubes, washing food, washing utensils, cooking, and brushing your teeth comes from a clean source. If tap water is contaminated, boil water and strain or clean with certain chemicals. Use a water purifying chemical such as chlorine according to the instructions for use. Use a well-functioning water filter. Store filtered or clean water in a clean, enclosed container. Use a water-carrying container such as a clean bucket or gallon. Clean hands before handling the water container and do not put your hands in the drinking water.

Remember that your health depends very much on the way you live. Many types of diseases are caused by poor lifestyles such as smoking, lack of exercise, and consumption of unhealthy foods such as “junk food”. Examples of diseases that can be strongly triggered by lifestyle are hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, obesity, cancer, cholesterol, heart disease, and gout. What about your lifestyle so far? If it turns out to be unfavorable, are you moved to improve lifestyle as much as possible? Follow the vital steps above in seeking a healthy lifestyle. Because small habits sometimes greatly affect our health later.

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