Elephant Ride Tour is one of the most popular activities in Bali. There are many places which offer this tour. Our Bali Tour Package also including this activity. Moreover, you will ride an elephant in the best place to ride elephants in Bali. You will ride an elephant and go to the village, rice terrace, and jungle in Bali. Riding elephant in Bali is also one of the most favorite tours. Indeed, Bali nature is a great place for elephant riding. Imagine yourself riding an elephant like a jingle king. You will seat in a chair made of teak wood. You will be swayed back and forth while exploring the great of Bali nature. Here’s our recommendation for elephant riding.

Best Place To Ride Elephants In Bali Tour

The place that you can choose as the best place to ride elephants in Bali is located in the Caring Sari district. The elephant park is located in the unspoiled village which is so far away from the crowd. The park is close to Ayung River which is one of the most popular spots for rafting. All elephants here are Sumatran Elephant. They will take you to a tour where you can explore the jungle, rice paddies, and of course, Ayung River. You can also bathe them in this river. After enjoying a magnificent ride in this park, the friendly staff will welcome you with a fresh welcome drink. What a life!

In this elephant park, you can choose short track elephant riding. The tour is only 30 minutes. The elephant will take you to the valley. You can enjoy beautiful village landscape there. You will pass the forest where you will wild animals such as bird, local monkey, and gibbon in their natural habitat. And don’t forget to take some pictures there. Ayung River can be seen from the top of the valley which completed the amazing view there. You can go to best place to ride elephants in Bali by booking this tour from www.masonadventures.com.

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