The laptop is one of your need. That is why you can get any kind of laptop as your need. If you are an illustrator, so it is better to choose a laptop that can support your drawing activity. On the other hand, you will only need a simple laptop which does not have too much specification if you only use it for making documents. Moreover, the price also becomes one of the best consideration when you want to buy this item. You can find laptops under $ 100 with the best features. One of the best company which always presents the affordable laptop is Dell.

Dell Laptop Under $ 100

There are so many types of the laptop which are presented by Dell at an affordable price. If you are looking for laptops under $ 100, so Dell has so many options for you. Before going to store, you can find the best review and get the most suitable one for your work. Here is the best recommendation for Dell laptop under $100:

  • Dell Latitude D620

For the first option for your new laptop is Dell Latitude D620. What makes it tremendous is it has big RAM which is 2 GB, it will present high speed for your multitasking work. The display is pretty much better with the cheapest price; it has 1280 x 800 pixels. Although there is no webcam, it still has DVD and graphics card with better battery backup and RAM.


  • Dell Latitude D430

Actually, D430 is not too different with D620. It comes with Windows XP with better battery backup. Moreover, the hard disk is about 80 GB which is pretty enough for you to save some documents.


  • Dell Latitude D630

For the last laptops under $ 100 option, Dell Latitude also has D630 series. It is built with Intel Core 2 Duo processor. DVD and graphics card are also available for this series.

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