Bed bugs commonly do not spread the disease. The bites are also not too harmful to humans, even some skin types feel immune from the usual itching. They are also commonly found in high rise buildings such as hotels and apartments. They can crawl from one room to another through pipes and cracks. Their presence is very disturbing and some people think that they are very disgusting because they are so typically smelly. Therefore, you need to know whether the insects have already lived in your home or not.

Realize Bed Bugs Earlier In Your House

To realize earlier about the presence, know that adult bed bugs have a size of about 6 mm, while the size of the eggs and their larva can be smaller. So it would be very difficult to detect them. They do not fly or jump but they can crawl quickly and are very clever to hide inside furniture spaces. What you can do to find them is to try to check the mattress, mattress frame, and around the bed area to detect their presence. Watch more carefully if you see a horde of brown, it could be a larval shell of theirs. Then, if you find some blood spots on the bed sheet and you smell the distinctive odor caused by adult bed bug, you should immediately wash them with hot water so that the eggs and larvae will die soon.

An early prevention by realizing them earlier too is, of course, a good way because we can prevent them to spread more to the side of your house. If not, this will make further problem exactly. Always check the used furniture, you should also prevent bringing it into your house. If your hobby is traveling, try to check also the hotel mattress and the back of the head. Move your suitcase from the floor to the shelf case to avoid bed bugs that might crawl onto it.

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