Holiday is not only for exploring some sites in certain place. Holiday also means getting relax time after busiest days. Bali is one of the recommended places for healing. You may also know that Bali has so many interesting places to be visited. Moreover, you can also so many attractive spa centers to relax your body. One of the most recommended ones is spa Bali Ubud. Actually, there are so many places for massage and body treatments in Ubud with a different theme. Most of the favorite one must be a spa with Balinese sense.

COMO Shambhala Estate And Maya Ubud For Healing Spa Bali Ubud

As mentioned before, there are so many places for spa Bali Ubud. Two best recommendations are COMO Shambhala Estate and Maya Ubud. If you are in Ubud, so you can try to get relaxation in COMO Shambhala Estate. Although it will only give top service of the spa for holistic wellness retreats, it still accepts guests for some certain days. In here, you can get deep and long muscle stroke with stretching techniques will give you more relaxing sensation. Moreover, you will get a cup of natural ginger tea to help your body keep in calm.

On the other hand, you can also get body massage in Maya Ubud. So many tourists that recommended this place as the best relaxation spa center. You will get fresh air for relaxing your body in natural space. Moreover, you will get to river level that has lush greenery and tropical flowers by taking the elevator down. Then, you will get a skilled therapist to massage your body. Maya Ubud offers purifying facials, body scrubs, and deep message along with authentic sounds of the river flowing. As the most amazing spa Bali Ubud, Maya Ubud has the most natural sensation spa in Bali.

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